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Help keep this amazing program going strong. There are so many ways you can make a difference! ARE YOU WONDERING WHERE ALA GIRLS STATE STAFF COMES FROM? Some are former ALA Girls State Citizens. Some are dedicated American Legion Auxiliary Members and some are friends of the ALA Girls State program. Whoever they are…

  • They are women who feel ALA Girls State is a worthwhile experience and wish to give of themselves.
  • They are women who feel they could share their Leadership experience with the youth of our state.
  • They are women that know that the experience of ALA Girls State is such a learning experience for themselves and rewarding beyond words.
  • They are women who feel the program is one they could become excited about and consider making a commitment to in June for either the entire week or part of the week.
  • They are women who enjoy the youth, celebrate diversity, are open-minded and are able to listen and respect others.
  • They are women who desire to educate our youth about the basic ideas and principles of government that will help to ensure the survival of democracy.
  • They are women who are physically able to maintain our active schedule and guide 270-350 energetic, 16-17 year old girls.

***Some positions may be in need of multiple people***

Choir Director - Responsibilities include developing the choir in 3 rehearsals
  • Selecting appropriate music for the Inauguration
  • Ability to read music
  • Ability to play piano, helpful

Counselor - Responsible for supervising approximately 30, 16-17 year old girls
  • Responsible for guiding an Associate and/or Junior Counselor
  • Knowledge of Massachusetts government
  • Teaching Massachusetts government
  • Patience, respect and encouragement

Distinguished Guest Chairman - Responsible for escorting guests, officers, etc. to the podium and stage
  • Must be available at all general sessions

Government Staff
  • Responsible for advising and overseeing the Federal and/or National parties for their platforms, bills and debates.
  • Responsible for advising and overseeing the House of Representatives and/or Senate.
  • Ability to work well with young women.
  • Knowledge of Massachusetts government.

Front Desk Receptionist - Resides in the Dormitory
  • Works at the Front Desk to allow ALA Girls State citizens access throughout the day and evening sessions
  • Greets any visitors to the dormitory and performs duties assigned by Director.
  • Ability to work with teenagers in a positive manner

Junior Counselor - Provides support to the Counselor or Associate Counselor
  • Assists with meetings, rehearsals and election tallying
  • Responsible for checking ALA Girls State office for daily ballots, newspapers, notices, etc.

Newspaper Assistant - Ability to work with a team
  • Has good communication skills
  • Work closely with the Newspaper Editor in various tasks such as: typing, internet research, e-mail and photocopying
  • Knowledge of MS Publisher and MS Word helpful

Newspaper Editor - Decision Making on Which Stories to Publish
  • Designing the newspaper layout
  • Ability to edit articles
  • Ability to work individually or with a team
  • Has excellent oral and written communication skills with a good command of English grammar
  • Knowledge of MS Publisher and MS Word

  • Provide basic on-site medical care to ALA Girls State citizens, such as physical assessment.
  • Evaluation and managing medical emergencies.
  • Must have own vehicle to transport girls or staff if needed and to visit the local pharmacy
  • Current medical license in the State of MA required

  • Taking Digital Group Pictures of Each City and Town
  • Taking pictures of speakers and events
  • Taking various candid pictures throughout the entire week
  • Must be physically able to walk many miles around campus

  • Ability to Read Music
  • Ability to play marching music, Pomp & Circumstance and the
  • ALA Girls State song (music provided)
  • Willing to accompany individual acts or groups for the Inauguration and Revue

Revue Director
  • Responsible for coordinating and reviewing the City and Town performances
  • Responsible for coordinating and reviewing individual and group acts
  • Ability to set time limits
  • Mistress of Ceremonies on Revue night
  • Coordinating accompaniments for acts
  • Attend all rehearsals

Secretary - Administrative Support
  • Responsibilities include typing letters, formatting forms, follow up phone calls, during the year as well as during the week of ALA Girls State.
  • Assisting the Director with various office duties
  • Knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel
  • Ability to work closely with the Director to organize the week
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Good knowledge of English grammar
  • Must be available entire week of ALA Girls State

Speaker Panel Coordinator
  • Responsible for locating and contacting speakers to donate their time
  • Responsible to send information on ALA Girls State along with directions and thank you's
  • Responsible for following up and coordinating with the Director available times needed
  • Professionalism a must

Stage Hands
  • Responsibilities include working backstage during entire week, Inauguration and Revue, setting up sessions and assisting speaker needs
  • Assisting the Choir Director and Revue Director with chairs, curtain detail, sound and other various duties

Store Personnel
  • Responsible for selling ALA Girls State items, soda, water, candy, etc. in each dormitory
  • Working closely and assisting the Store Managers
  • Ability to make change and take inventory

BEFORE you apply, please review our staff application requirements on the requirements tab on this page. You need to send references with your application.



The staff application is available in PDF format here.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF file and print it out.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download it here.

If you would like to be considered for a position on the ALA Girls State staff next year – follow the instructions below, or contact the Director for more information before submitting the application.

  • There are many opportunities available on the Available Position tab
  • Complete the application
    • Include 2 references (more info on references requirements below)
  • Mail or e-mail the application to:

Mailing Address:

Mrs. Bonnie Sladeski
12 Doverbrook Road
Chicopee, MA 01022

E-mail: 2 References Required:

  • From A Member Of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary Or Sons Of The American Legion.
  • From Someone Who Knows You Personally That Is Unrelated (over the age of 18).

The application and references must be received no later than February 23, 2018.

The staff will review your request and contact you before March 23, 2018.